BRB for a while, celebr8ting birthday with the peeps!!


beryl will be absent too if you guys didnt know i was her


also we should do the hero sleepover like seriously one day livestream movies and comment on them icly

itd be sugoi



aint no party like an almaz party cause an almaz party is


#THAT ICON #you mean the dorkiest party ever because I’m pretty sure that’s what it’d be

well itd be cool in my book ok

lets talk about heroes all day guys just

heroes man

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[It’s similar, but certainly different enough to warrant inspection — it rather looks like someone took Almaz’s usual outfit and upgraded it with fancy cloth, status symbols, and gems. Lots of gems.]

My…clothes? [Overlord Almandine Adamant frowns in confusion, glancing down at his clothes.] They’re…the same as when we last talked, I think… [As he talks, his tail starts to swish back and forth, making it far more obvious.]

…Hold on…your title… [He squints, trying to make it out.] It doesn’t look the same as before…

What? My title is the sa—

And he notices the tail. ]


You have a t-t—tail!!! That wasn’t there before— when did it— oh my god!

aint no party like an almaz party cause an almaz party is


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[The Overlord, dressed in his regalia as usual, notices…well, himself. He quirks a half-second half-smile.]

Almaz. It’s…nice to see you again. How is it in your Netherworld?

[...Something seems off about this, but he can’t quite put his finger on it…]

Oh, hi again— wait, what’s up with your clothes? Assuming his regalia was different than Almaz’s normal clothing! ]

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Um, I know what you must be thinking, but sorry, this is real…

[Of course, if this other Almaz had come along a few days earlier, he’d be freaking out too. But now he’s just jaded.]

But, hey, I guess? Uh, are you just gonna stand there and talk to yourself forever? Do I really look like that? 

What, no, I wasn’t talking to myself, I swear!!

…Wait, what’s the point of denying it to myself? I would know if I talk to myself, so…

Nevermind.. Rubbing his temples now. The train of thought was going to get wonky if he kept it going, so he shook his head and dispelled the idea immediately. ]

A-Anyway, hi, but how is this possible again? Was this Lord Mao’s doing? Had he messed with the space time continuum when he wasn’t looking?! ]

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“I know I probably shouldn’t even be surprised after who I just met, but…another me!?”


Almaz turns around and starts mumbling to himself.

It’s all right, Almaz, you’re just dreaming! This is aaaaaaaall a dream that you’re having- you’re just tired because Lord Mao is overworking you or something- this can’t be real….can it? )